Choosing a Business Phone System

If you are in the market for a business phone, you ought to consider many factors before you decide which one to go for. Decide if you require a system that needs desktop phones or would a virtual service that works through mobile phones suffice. In the event that you want a desktop telephone, ask yourself what services you need. Do you need a service given by the local phone establishment or do you need a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system?

As the name implies the latter works over the internet. For most, this might seem gibberish and with plenty of office phones such as NEC phones on the market, it can be a nightmare for someone looking to choose a simple business phone.

Virtual phone systems are a system where it connects the business phone to employees via their mobiles or the landline at home. They basically make use of the call forwarding technique where the call is redirected to the worker’s assigned device when someone calls the main line. They come with a number of options. These include an automated receptionist, voicemails, and ability to forward a call, screening calls as well the ability to send faxes through the internet. The main advantage of this is that it allows employees who are mainly out of the office to give a professional appearance via the phone at all times. It is also handy for those who are working in remote locations as it gives many features that mobile devices do not have.

The second system is a system we are all familiar with; the landline. They are usually supported by the phone establishment and work using the normal copper wiring of the phone company. If you do want this system, an on premise PBX hardware will be needed. The purpose of this gadget is to make several extensions and allow qualities like the ability to transfer calls and keep phone directories. Nowadays, there are systems that fuse with VoIP services to give the better of two worlds. The best part about landlines is that they are extremely reliable, easy to maintain and are widely used by a number of companies. It is recommended for businesses that do not have a high speed internet connection.

VoIP system operates entirely on a different basis. They make use of an internet connection to take calls rather than conventional copper wires. They provide a large number of features that are only ever needed by major companies that make use of pricey PBX gadgets. Some of the features include an automatic attendant, queuing of calls and integration with laptops or computers. The integration with laptops allow voicemails to be delivered to the emails and the laptop can be used as a softphone. As with virtual phones, this gives users the ability to make use of a business phone will away from work via their smartphones or mobiles. They are also easy to set up and configure and are less pricey to implement when compared with a landline system.

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