Choosing Between iOS vs. Android

iOS and Android have been there for quite a while now. They are the main competitors in mobile OS’s. There were other competitors a few years back but they were unable to gain the necessary market share to be competitive and ultimately fizzled away. Both iOS and Android turned out to be top smartphone OS’s. These OS’s are also available for tablets as well.

iOS is a mobile operating system that was created to be used exclusively on Apple devices. It was released installed on the first iPhone back in 2007. It grew rapidly popular due to the features it offered over the competition. It opened up a new era in smartphones. The software is always being maintained and further enhanced with major releases every year. Currently iOS 11 is set be released in the latter part of 2017.

Android OS was founded by Chris white, Rich Miner, Andy Rubin and Nick Sears in 2003. It was owned by Google in 2005 and was first released through the HTC Dream, which was the first Android device. It was not as popular as its competitors at the time but the OS began making ground. The most current release in Android Oreo which is yet to be released commercially.


When it comes to features, Android is in the lead. Since Android is available in all smartphone manufacturers devices, each manufacturer adds their features. This making Android a highly feature packed software when compared to iOS. This doesn’t mean iOS has no feature but it is far fewer than Android.


iOS has more apps than Android. One reason is that iOS has been there longer, albeit by a year and iOS isn’t as segmented as Android, thereby allowing the developers to work only on a few different segments of iOS rather than many on Android. Due to this app development is much easier for iOS than Android.


There are much more Android devices than iOS devices. This is because iOS is only available on Apple devices and Android available on various manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei and Oppo to name a few. This means, there’s many different Android devices to pick from as opposed to iOS.


iOS is known for the fluid and fast performance. This is because both software and hardware are made by Apple thereby the device is highly optimized. This makes the device when fast. Android by no means is a slow OS but iOS is better in this regard but the gap seems to be closing.