Hunting for vacancies? Looking to obtain work? Tips to land your dream vacancy!

Applying for a particular work and waiting to get selected can be one of the most anticipating yet frustrating things in life! It will be extremely difficult to land the perfect vacancy! Especially, with all that tough competition that almost everyone needs to face!

Read below for some tips and ideas to help you out!

Try to apply to as many opportunities as possible

You need to look for opportunities that will suit your qualification. But the thing is that you will need to look hard. Check the online vacancy postings, newspaper advertisements and also other vacancy opportunity agencies and etc. You need to apply to as many as possible. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best one for you later on! Therefore, don’t simply apply for just one single opportunity or so. Apply to as many as possible!

Always customize your resume for each opportunity before applying

The most common mistake by applicants is that they have a common resume that they send to all the vacancies. But that is the worst blunder to ever make. Because, each vacancy is different and the requirements for each vacancy is also different. You may be even over qualified for a job, but still not get called in for an interview because the recruiters may not be able to identify the matching requirements with your resume. And keep in mind that your resume is your first impression you are giving to your potential employers therefore make sure that it is a good one by customizing the resume for each and every vacancy posting according to their requirements!


Be punctual


There is no excuse for being late for an interview. Unless you fair exceptionally well and above the other candidates you can forget being called for the next round of interviews. Make sure that you always are on time for all the interviews. Being punctual will actually give you a better reputation with the possible employer and make you seem reliable. Whether you are looking for audit jobs Singapore or a vacancy in medicine, always make sure that you are punctual!


Don’t forget to do your research before going for a vacancy. It is extremely important you always research on the company and the possible interview questions before going for the interview. You need to have a good knowledge of the product and also of the opening that you are applying to. Always keep in mind that the more you prepare the better chances you have in actually landing the job. Because the knowledge and research will give you a confidence that you wouldn’t have otherwise!