Making Sure You Get the Finest Chance in Migrating to another Country

Migrating to another country is not an easy task. Particularly, if you are trying to migrate to a developed country with great opportunities such as the Land Down Under you have to go through a rigorous selection process. There are multiple ways of applying for permission to enter the country. There are multiple ways of gaining the permission to live in that country permanently too.

One of the surest ways of getting a chance to apply for permanent residence in a country such as the Land Down Under is applying as a skilled professional. However, to be eligible to apply for a chance to get a permanent residence as a skilled professional you have to first score high marks in Australian immigration point calculator. This process offers marks under different categories.


We all know that a lot of people are in the habit of migrating to other countries. This is not something limited only to a certain age. However, the country you go to should have the chance to get the finest service from the professionals who come to them. Therefore, they offer more marks to people who fall into certain age groups than the others. If you consider the situation of the Land Down Under, people who are between the ages of 25 to 32 receive the most marks.


The higher your education qualifications are, higher your marks for education qualifications are going to be. This means someone who has a PhD is going to score more marks than anyone else. At the same time, since you are applying for a chance to work and live in that country as a professional you should at least have Bachelor’s Degree. That is mandatory.

Work Experience

As we are trying to enter a country such as the Land Down Under as a professional we need to prove ourselves as a valuable professional to have. We all know experience is one of the most important factors in deciding our value as professionals. Therefore, anyone with the most work experience is going to gain more marks. If you have received work experience by working in the Land Down Under you are eligible for more marks too.

English Language Skills

When going to a country such as the Land Down Under we have to prove our English language skills. There are tests which we have to take to show our proficiency. If we have scored well in these tests we can gain more marks.

If you gain high marks in all these categories you have the finest chance for a PR.