Standardized Tests Delay Success

According to a policy research brief published by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), standardized tests are administered and designed in a uniformmanner to compare performances of large groups of students. What people know is that only students are affected. Graduates and passers are already determined. The employment of teachers are put on the line and restructuring or more funding is suggested in schools. You might see nothing wrongbut teachers lose time for giving out instruction because of institutional tasks. Why standardized tests is not the sole answer?

Restricted student learning

Standardized tests are concentrated on developing cognitive dimensions. If you’re careless and doesn’t pay attention to detail, other methods of intervention are dismissed. Because all questions asked in lectures are just repeated in questionnaires, it leaves no room for curiosity. Since assignments are generated from textbook examples, there is no resiliency and perseverance developed. A student also need soft skills like good communication skills, time management abilities and positive attitude to find fulfillment in the things he do.

Own pace, own time

Standardized tests discredits the belief that every person leans at his own time and own pace like brain training singapore teaches. There is no dull student just lazy ones. Unless you know the root cause of learning deficits, a child keeps lagging behind. Tests produce the mindset that working hard and soul-searching isn’t the way to success. You are programmed to think like your peers and diversity is not factored in.

Anxiety and pressure

To gain a new perspective is a helpful learning mechanism. It is not the case when you burden yourself with negative perceptions about yourself and your abilities. It triggers anxiety to know you’re not progressing well like the others.The pressure of a narrow curriculum doesn’t allow teachers to see an untapped potential. If you’re categorized as not-proficient, you would regard yourself illiterate. It does not enable students to explore and embrace their own abilities and become disinterested in school.

Thinking you’re not good enough

Even students that seem to have it all can feel discontentment. The satisfaction of completing a unit or chapter is not felt because the drills for tests are given much more value. Standardized tests even widen the gap between the rich and poor. Merits of top-performing minority students don’t receive much support from researchers. Few students find it hard to learn English. Remember that standardized tests are not valid and dependable measures of achievement. Real life outcomes are not captured and targeted by it.