Steps on how to plan for a perfect vacation:

Make sure that you prepare for the following when planning to get out of town.


Time off from work- make sure that you submit this request in advance and it should be approved by your superior so you won’t have any issues at work. Do not forget to indicate the start and end date of your vacation.


Budget Allocation- make sure that you have enough funds to travel to the location of your choice. Money should be allocated to airfare, hotel accommodation, foods and pocket money for local transportation, shopping and other forms of leisure activities.


Passport and proper travel documents- Your passport must be valid at least 6 months from your return date. Some countries require a visa so make sure to secure one before deciding to visit the place. Make multiple copies of your documents such as including ID Cards and vaccinations, plane tickets and receipts. They will be useful in case you might lose the original copies.

Choose your vacation type- It may be overwhelming to think about it but you have to be able to determine what do you really want to do on your holiday. You can visit theme parks, climb mountains or enjoy swimming and diving while staying at the Muscat Beach Hotel. Will you be travelling as a couple or with family and friends? That way you can plan on the next steps to take.


Choose your place of destination- Once you have narrowed down your choices then you can start choosing your destination that would best suit the type of vacation that you want.


Do your research- It is important that you plan ahead of time. Check on best hotels, airlines and tourist destinations online. It’s highly recommended to check out for customer reviews and ratings so you would be able to make up your mind. Read a couple of travel books and magazines and research for discount sites which will be very useful in availing of hotel and plane tickets. You should also learn the following things that most tourists don’t really anticipate such as weather condition, travel advisories and official tourists destinations and more.


Be culture sensitive- If it is your first time visiting a country it is important to learn their culture and etiquette to avoid offending people simply because we don’t know, It would be nice if we learn a few basic words that would help us interact with their locals such as asking for directions, looking for food, saying pleasantries such as thank you, welcome, please,  goodbye and so much more.

Book your accommodation and plane tickets- Booking ahead of time will usually give you lower rates. Before choosing a hotel accomodation make sure that your basic needs are being met on this aspect such as clean bathrooms with hot water, beds with comfortable mattress, air conditioning, cable tv, wi-fi connection and more.


If you have booked the hotel and plane tickets in a travel agency remember that you only have to make a one-time payment for everything and that should include taxes.