Tips to protect your online data

Today many of us are rather active online. There is hardly any person you would find without a smartphone or Instagram profile or even an eBay account. However, since the internet is as large as the mighty occasion you never know where your information is stored or is able to view them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t protect it. So here are some tips to help you out with this.

Use passwords

Passwords are probably the most basic way of protecting data like data media safes. They make sure that whatever that is publicized is only viewable by you and not any other. They also limit the access one might have to your accounts other than them being hacked right under your nose. Therefore, always make sure that you don’t use the same passwords for basically all accounts. Yes, it might seem harder than it is to remember all those passwords, but what’s at stake is even more. You also need to keep in mind that you don’t access important sites like banking through open Wi-Fis cause the chances of those passwords being stolen is easier.

Turn off lock screen notifications

When owning a smartphone one of the tips that you should be looking out for is the lock screen notifications. Always make sure that these are turned off no matter what. I mean you certainly don’t want others snooping around the content available out in the open just as you press the power button to check the date or time. So go through your settings and turn off these notifications from popping up.

Lock apps

Another trick that you need to follow when it comes to protecting data on your smartphone is app locks. App locks make sure that your data is not easily accessible by any person that gets a hold on your phone. While the lock on your phone also provides a certain level of protection you can’t guarantee security hundred percent. Therefore, installing reliable app locks would certainly go a long way in protecting your data.

Hide pictures

Even some of the most normal pictures are edited today in ways you would have thought was possible. And so, it is best that you are extra careful of the pictures on your phone as well. if there is an option of hiding pictures in your phone then make sure you use it. You could also simply transfer them to a direct device all together!

So try out the above and make sure that your online data is always protected!